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Install a bike rack step by step

Install a bike rack

Install a bike rack step by step

Install a bike rack

The bicycle carrier is one of the essential luggage carriers for your car. This tool allows you to bring your bike on a picnic or on vacation. Bike racks are so popular at the moment, with manufacturers offering new innovative models that stand out for their ease of installation. Discover through this article the tricks to install a bicycle carrier on a vehicle.

Gather all the necessary tools

Before installing a bike rack, it is important to understand the styles of this rack. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this tool.

View the images on the packaging then read the user manual. This will help you determine exactly the steps to attach the bike carrier to the outside of your car.

In addition to the items supplied with your hitch bike rack, you will also need to take out your Allen keys and a screwdriver to help you tighten everything. It is prudent to keep your DIY tools in your trunk in order to detach the carrier at any time. A license plate is also to be provided if you are going to install a bike carrier on a towbar or on the trunk.

Attach the bike carrier to the metal parts of the car

For a family outing in the countryside, you can take your bikes without folding the rear seats. You need to attach the bike carrier to your car. To install a bike rack on the hitch, hook it and then screw it onto the hitch ball located on the bottom of the trunk. Pretend you are pulling heavy trailers or caravans.

For a type of hanging bike rack, the task is to tighten the device with the tailgate of the boot. You will not encounter any difficulties because your bike carrier is supplied with a strapping ring or a bar reserved for its installation on a car.

Anti-vibration wedges should also be attached to the body of your vehicle. If it’s a roof mount bike rack, installation is very easy. Just put the rails of your bike carrier on the roof bars of your vehicle, then screw them.

Position the locking systems and rear lights

Once the bike carrier is properly hooked on the hitch ball, on the trunk or on the roof, take care of the locking systems. The bike should be attached to prevent an accident. Remember to adjust the safety straps to properly hold the bike. Some bike carrier models have metal straps with a padlock. Remember to use the anti-theft system.

To complete the installation, some electrical manipulations await you. If you have a bike carrier on a hitch, it is mandatory to activate the rear lights. The indicators, pilot lights, fog lights and brake lights must operate without fail. In this way, the drivers behind you will not lose track of the movements of your vehicle.

The supply of these lights is generally carried out by means of a socket on the coupling ball. If the license plate is not visible enough, you should place one on the carrier.

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