Thursday, 23 September, 2021

How To Make Small Gardens Look Bigger

Who just can buy a small garden, usually puts his house only on a small plot. There is often little room for the garden. But even with a limited garden area you can set up your own green oasis. If you know these tricks of the landscape gardener, you can make mini gardens look bigger with simple measures.

A new garden wants to be well planned – especially if it is very small. A simple and yet obvious trick is to play with colors. In order to create optical depth, you should choose for the back darker, strong plants, while in the front of bright flowers convey width.

Cleverly divide small gardens.

Another trick is, therefore, to divide the garden meaningful. To subdivide you can use small hedges, overgrown lichen fencing or trellis. The sections can be designed, for example, as a play area for the children or Japanese with an oasis of peace, according to the advice of the BGL. Individual shrubs or tall grasses can be used to set optical barriers.

Especially in terraced houses, the gardens are often very narrow. If you get along well with your neighbors, you should avoid hedges and fences at the boundary of the property and instead make a bed or plant low shrubs along the line. Open-sided pages make a narrow garden appear wider in perspective. A passage to the neighboring garden with archway also gives the impression that the own property goes there even further.

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