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This is an independent site for maintaining various services related to biological shape analysis. Mainly, this will be the morphometrics mailing list, morphmet. To find out more about the list, including how to subscribe, follow this link:  MORPHMET
For other morphometric-related, online resources, you can't do much better than following the link to the Stony Brook site to the right.

VIRTUAL ANTHROPOLOGY: click on this link to find out more about Drs. Weber and Bookstein's latest book.

*** I apologize to the morphometrics community and to Drs. Weber and Bookstein for my inability to post this link properly and earlier. I have made several attempts since the book came out, but failed miserably each time. I am not a web-designer, nor do I wish to become one, so I rely on once reliable "tools" that no longer appear to work. I guess it is time to expedite the rewrite and relocation of www.morphometrics.org -dslice ***

Pardon the quasi commercialism, but any purchases through the Amazon links will below help with the web-hosting expenses for this site.

 (Currently working on links for Germany, Austria, France, and Japan)

Modern Morphometrics in Physical Anthropology is now available. Click below for direct access to amazon.com or use a more convenient Amazon link to the left.

Go here for the good stuff:
Here is a direct link to the Morpheus et al. software. Contact me directly for the absolute latest, unreleased beta version. A major revision is currently underway for this software:

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